Keisha Perkins was released from a halfway house Wednesday July 13, 2016. She did part of her sentence at a camp in Texas.



I was wrong according to FBOP inmate locator Keisha is presently at a camp in Texas. I wonder if her family will even be able to come and visit her. Her tentative release date which is hopefully based on miscalculated good time is July 13, 2016. Don’t worry about her, she already knows how to handle herself in a prison.


Keisha Perkins as per Inmate.com- March 25, 2014 10:57 pm I got a text message from my friend in the MD area, we used to work together at UNICOR. The text said,” How r u? I am being nosy this time. Have u heard the news about Ms. Perkins’. I was sleeping and confused I forget how I responded but she answered, “She is in jail but I am not sure.” When I was at the camp Ms. Perkins was a counselor. I heard that after I left she became a case manager. I read something about Ms. Perkins crime on line. Ms. Perkins was going to accept a bribe to make a recommendation that someone got extra time in a half-way house. She told a co-worker about it. The thing that I really can’t understand is why she told someone else. How long did Ms. Perkins work in that prison? How many women spoke to her in confidence? She must have read hundreds of pre-sentencing investigation reports which detailed women’s crimes. I can only imagine how many times she read and heard about co-defendants snitching on other people for a reduced or no sentence. So why did she think that whoever she told wouldn’t do the same thing to her?
I’ve been at my current job since April 2013. My company occupies the 7th and 8th floors of the building that we’re in. In April 2015 I got on a crowded elevator on the 8th floor of the building where I work. When the doors opened on the 7th floor there was Theresa S. She was in training at my company. She told me all the goings on at the camp. She told me that Grandma had been home since fall 2014; that GG would be home in summer 2015, and soon Ms. Perkins would be one of us. Another one of my co-workers is a former camper. She started there in January 2014. She never spoke to me. Theresa S didn’t appear at work for a few days. So finally in May 2015 I spoke to my co-worker, the former camper about Theresa S. One day she said to me that Ms. Perkins used to say how easy it was for her to go from her uniform to ours. Recently she told me that she saw the former camp librarian (well she was the librarian when I was there from 2009-2010) who told her that Ms. Perkins was sentenced to 1 year and 1 year probation. I recently saw New York on the subway and confirmed what I heard and told me that Ms. Perkins would be doing her sentence at the half way house.
Keisha would say while popping her gum in her mouth, “Most of you couldn’t survive in a real prison”. I guess she wouldn’t be able to either. But I think that the reason Ms. Perkins is going to a halfway house is because it’s a threat to her safety to go anywhere else. There is no federal prison facility in the United States that Ms. Perkins can go to where she won’t know an inmate. Even though it’s unfair because she will never experience what she did to other people like throwing people in the SHU for petty reasons; giving extra duty to people before release and telling inmates the day before release that if her extra duty wasn’t done she would be released from the SHU; starting trouble by indulging inmates in malicious cop-outs; she once had a town hall meeting where she openly discussed a cop out which was written anonymously about two women because one bought the other commissary and both women were at the meeting . There were moments that she was mean and cruel because we were completely defenseless and could do nothing. I even saw her do it that to inmates in the middle of a family crisis.
A halfway house is not home but it isn’t prison. She gets to keep on chewing that damn gum. I hate gum chewing. She probably used to chew gum because she knew that we couldn’t. No prison food for Keisha, not that she didn’t eat the food in Danbury. She can have takeout. Yes, it’s expensive but the men at the half way house who haven’t seen a women for a year or more will gladly by it for her. On holidays and weekends her family can bring her food. You know what Keisha’s eating for Thanksgiving & Christmas while she’s at the half way house? Mom’s home cooking- turkey, stuffing, cornbread, collard greens with ham hocks that the meat so soft and tender that it’s falling off the bone, macaroni and cheese, rice and sweet potato pie.
No commissary, Keisha can go to the Walgreen’s or CVS or Rite Aid to get what she needs. When an item is out of stock, she go to the cashier and say, “The Sauve body wash that was on sale is out of stock.”
Cashier, “I’m not sure when we’re getting more. Would you like a raincheck? Or we’ll call you when it comes in”.
No rude c.o. commissary. You “Where’s my yarn?”
C.O., “If I had yarn, I would have given it to you.”
“When will you have some more?”
“Johnson, are you here?
“I’m not Johnson. “
“So why are you still standing there?”
She can make as many phone calls as she likes. There won’t be a recording in the middle of the call that says, “This is a call from a federal prison”. Her mail won’t be opened. She can wear her own clothes. She can probably look for a job before her 10% date. Hopefully she’ll be smart and won’t bribe the head of the halfway house to go home in six months.
Theresa S said that Ms. Perkins would soon be one of us. I always felt that most c.o.’s were institutionalized. Ms. Perkins was inmate before she got arrested. Hopefully upon her release she will officially stop being one.
According to FBOP Inmate Locator it’s Kisha Perkins not Keisha Perkins, # 22438-014 and she is presently not in custody.
Correction/Update: http://wp.me/p30gYI-a0


unnamedDear Cabbagepatch,

A warrant for your arrest was issued in March 2015 and you continued to come to work for the next 4 months. You know how I found about the warrant. I was in 7-11 across the street from work, a co-worker was standing in line and showing a complete stranger a picture on her phone and saying, “That’s a supervisor at my job” I’m standing there wondering why she is showing this stranger a picture of you. I hadn’t seen you for a few days and when I asked around I was told that you quit. What happened? Why’d you quit? Who found out? Who did you tell in confidence who indiscreetly blabbed to everyone? I guess you couldn’t continue to work at a call center with 300+ nosy co-workers pulling up your warrant on their phones. Isn’t modern technology great? You’re stupid. You should have stayed. You might have been the hot, new viral internet sensation. You could have gotten a good attorney who could have helped you deal with your situation.

There is one good thing that will come out of all of this. We’ll probably never work at the same place again. Do I really need to remind you? Since we were both released from prison in 2010 we have spent 4 of the last 5 years working together at 2 different companies, both of which were in Long Island City. NO MORE WORKING WITH YOU! HALLEJUHAH! I don’t like you but I wish you the best of luck Cabbagepatch.


OMG it’s Season 3 of “Orange is the New Black”. FYI the hit Netflix show is based on memoir which is about a real place, the Federal Prison Camp in Danbury, CT. I was formerly an inmate there. The prison is still open and running. This show again fails to make anyone aware of the serious issues that face many incarcerated women: harsh federal sentencing guidelines, the number of children in foster care because their mothers are incarcerated and the poor quality of healthcare given to incarcerated individuals. I never watched the show but I heard that there was this hysterical plot line about a woman in the facility who was dying of cancer who was well enough to escape in a prison vehicle. When I was in prison one of the women had cancer. She was transferred to the hospital medical facility in Carswell, Texas. She was transferred there about 9 months before I was released. I remember being told about 4 days before I was released that she had been denied compassionate release and that she was so frail and ill that she only had days left to live.