OMG it’s Season 3 of “Orange is the New Black”. FYI the hit Netflix show is based on memoir which is about a real place, the Federal Prison Camp in Danbury, CT. I was formerly an inmate there. The prison is still open and running. This show again fails to make anyone aware of the serious issues that face many incarcerated women: harsh federal sentencing guidelines, the number of children in foster care because their mothers are incarcerated and the poor quality of healthcare given to incarcerated individuals. I never watched the show but I heard that there was this hysterical plot line about a woman in the facility who was dying of cancer who was well enough to escape in a prison vehicle. When I was in prison one of the women had cancer. She was transferred to the hospital medical facility in Carswell, Texas. She was transferred there about 9 months before I was released. I remember being told about 4 days before I was released that she had been denied compassionate release and that she was so frail and ill that she only had days left to live.


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