“It’s totally liberating” playing a prison inmate. I wish your dumb ass could be one. I wish you could have been at Danbury in February 2014 with 13 snowstorms. You would have had a c.o. wake you up at 2 am to shovel snow and threaten to throw you in the SHU if you didn’t. That would have been totally liberating. “Piper works tirelessly with the WPA, talking about the issues”. Does you dumb behind know what the issues are? Do you know what the WPA does? Piper does work tirelessly collecting residual checks. The WPA is a reentry organization that helps women who are recently released from prison with things like writing resumes, job referral, and other services that they may need assistance with.  I only work about 7 blocks from where you film I will be over there one day on my lunch break to protest and let the world know that “Taylor Schilling and “Orange is the New Black” exploit and profit from presently and formerly incarcerated women”. I hope I run into to you so I can tell you to your face what I think of you.