“Orange is the New Black” the book & the show, exploits and profits from the pain & suffering of presently and formerly incarcerated women. Piper Kerman profits on the backs of the stories of the uneducated black & Latina women who she was incarcerated with while never thanking or acknowledging. Until now those who profits from women like me have nothing has been done to help anyone who was formerly incarcerated.
Women’s Prison Association (WPA)
I read in the newspaper recently that the producers of the show, “Orange is the New Black”, are doing a fundraiser for the WPA. Why did it take them so long to contribute to a reentry program? I personally know what it’s like to be in a shelter, call the WPA because I needed help; no one answers the phone or returns your phone call. Some women like me struggle a lot when we are released from prison because we have no support in the community; have a hard time finding , finding a job that you can afford to pay rent, and having a place to live.
You can do something to help formerly incarcerated women. Sorry I meant to say that you can do more than help the one formerly incarcerated woman that you have helped, Piper Kerman. To you at Netflix – you can hire a formerly incarcerated woman to clean you bathrooms or to work in the mail room. Jenji Kohan why doesn’t you show hire a formerly incarcerated woman as an office production assistant or a parking pa . All parking PA’s do is watch orange cones and tell random drivers not to park near the cone. Spiegel and Grau has profited from women in prison and done nothing to give back. Your company could hire a formerly incarcerated woman to clean your bathrooms or work in the mailroom.
GLAAD Awards
How many former campers who were gay for the stay celebrated the shows win with their husbands & kids?
Does GLAAD offer any assistance to formerly incarcerated individuals who are gay & lesbian?
I hate when I go to work and people say stuff like “I love that show “Orange is the New Black””. There are some things one never discusses at work one of them being “I was at that prison”. That’s completely inappropriate.

I hate the marketing for this show is focused on Piper went to prison for a crime that happened ten years ago. Why should Piper be exempt from going to prison for a crime that she did commit? That’s why most of us went to prison. The marketing seems even worse when I think about stories I’ve read in the in the paper about people who did decades in prison for crimes that they didn’t commit.

The actresses on the shoe “Orange is the New Black” make at least $2,200 a week for playing prison inmates. When I was a inmate my salary for various jobs in prison varied from 12 cents an hour to 69 cents an hour cents.

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